Do I have to drink the juices in any particular order?
Teas are recommended first in the morning & can be diluted as this is concentrated – this will then last all day.Nut milk is recommended warmed up for a soothing evening beverage. Soups are also recommended to have warm.

Do I have to drink the juices at any specific time and/or with time apart from one another?
Juices should be taken when you are feeling hungry, not at particular times of the day. Let your body tell you when you need to re-charge. Sip slowly & enjoy the nutritional benefits.

Is there a place I can return my jars?
Please return your clean jars to us and receive a free turmeric ginger immune shot. Additionally, please fill up your own bottle with β€˜Kangen’ water when purchasing your cleanse.

Cleansing Tip
After you finish the cleanse, continue to have 1-2 fresh cold pressed juices daily for continued health benefits. Filtered high – quality water such as our β€˜Kangen’ system is highly recommended for excellent continued hydration. Please ask Fel about purchasing your bottle to re-fill for free each time you spend $10 at the cafe.

Before the Cleanse
🍏 Prepare yourself – allocate your schedule appropriately & gather the essentials your body will need eg, Kangen Water
🍊 Say no to caffeine & alcohol – at least one week before starting to avoid withdrawal symptoms e.g headaches & cravings. If you must, have your coffee black or with a dash of nut mylk
πŸ‡ Reduce intake of feeds high in sugar, refined carbs & processed meats as they place higher demand on your digestive system.
🍊 Get some good quality sleep at least 8 hours per night, for 1 week prior, so your body ls relaxed and restored
πŸ₯• Drink more water! Dehydration is commonly mistaken for hunger, keep yourself hydrated in the week prior.
🌱 Try to avoid dairy / gluten, sticking to plant based food prior to cleansing
πŸ₯œ Consume lots of alkalising feeds such as leafy green veggies, nuts, etc

During the Cleanse
πŸ‰ Consistency is key – aim to consume a juice every 2-2.5 hrs, when you feel hungry.
🍎Sip slowly, let your body intake every nutrient it needs at this time.
🍌 Keep the exercise light & avoid strenuous physical activity – such as HilT workouts, as you could become dizzy and fatigued more easily whilst on the cleanse.
🍊Ensure you are getting a good sleep every night – as your body is working overtime, it will need more recovery time.
πŸ‹ Water consumption! This is very important, we commend our magic Kangen water.
🍏 Listen to your body – if your body is telling you something is off- e.g. you feel light-headed or shaky, eat some trail mix, green vegetables and/ or some egg whites.

Post juice Cleanse
In order to ease your way back into your regular diet, it is recommended that:
🍌 Proceed to have 1-2 fresh cold pressed juices daily for continued health benefits.
πŸ₯• You stick to whole foods: eating whole foods are easier on your digestive system & provide nutrients that benefit your body, making it easier in transitioning back to your normal diet.
🍊 Eat lots of fruits & veggies in order to keep your digestive system moving. E.g. Apples, carrots, broccoli, raspberries
🍐 Stick to avoiding coffee & other caffeines as you may be more sensitive.
πŸ“ Reintroduce caffeine slowly, if need be.
πŸ’§ Stay hydrated – drink lots of water as this will improve digestion. We have filtered high-quality Kangen Water that is recommended.
πŸ‰ Give your liver a break – it has been working hard to detoxify your body the last 1/3 days. It is recommended you wait at least a week..

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