About Us

Here at Fels we highly value nourishing the body with nutrient-rich, healthy whole-foods. We pride ourselves on our organic produce journey, sourcing organic local produce where we can from our local farmer in Possum Creek. We also use organic herbal tinctures in each of our cleanses for extra nutritional benefits.

Meet Fel and Clayton

Run by Nutritionist and Naturopath, Fel is the brains behind Fels Kitchen. Fel and her partner Clayton wake up each morning to deliver only the freshest of salads and cold pressed juices made fresh daily - as well as healthy sweet treats, raw chocolates, brownies, and great coffee.

  • Thank you!! Xx

    I just wanted to thank you so much for the amazing catering yesterday. The food was so incredible and the team absolutely loved everything! Every single person complimented your food. Thank you for taking the time to cater to our dietary requirements, I know this is never easy but you totally nailed it. It was an absolute dream to work with you from start to finish, I will be recommending you to everyone! Thank you xx - Spell, Byron Bay — Catering


    I just love Fel's juice cleanses! I am on my third day now and feeling great. The summer cleanse is a bit lighter than the spring and winter one, which is perfect to shed all the nasties from the xmas period. The juices, teas and the mylk are all delicious, looking forward to my first bite (kitchari) tonight!! I can literally feel my whole cells jumping for joy : Thank you so much!


    A cleanse like no other! I have had my fair share with different cleanse businesses over my time, but Fels takes the cake! I feel amazing and it just feels great knowing I am really getting all of the nutrients as I pick my juices up fresh daily - not to mention they taste AWESOME!

  • This is your sign to DO IT

    Day 3 of my Juice Cleanse and I feel amazing! I feel refreshed, energised and am making conscious eating habits as a result. The perfect kick start to

    Summer season! Definitely the first of many!!

  • I recommend

    Day 1 done of the @felskitchenbyron juice cleanse. 2 days to go. The delightful highlight (& surprise) was the warming, nourishing calming cacao mylk: house nut mylk, dates, vanilla, cinnamon, cacao, reishi & ashwagandha. .. I've done 3-day juice fasting a few times before, but it's never been this easy or pleasurable.


  • Immune Booster Cleanse 10/10

    The Immune Booster Cleanse would have to be my go-to cleanse for the Winter.

    It gives my body the fuel it needs and I just feel incredible! Also love that

    Fel adds mushroom extracts and herbal tinctures that make me feel amazing. Thank YOU fel!